MatéBros Workout Shorts (blue & white)

MatéBros Workout Shorts (blue & white)


lightweight, flexible

longer inseam, no pockets

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Introducing the MatéBros training shorts

Built to be the perfect pair of training shorts, with gymnasts in mind! The shorts are lightweight, semi-loose fitting, and pocket-free. The inseam is longer than competition style shorts to provide extra length for comfortability during the countless hours of training. 

Why pocket-free?

Pockets might be convenient outside of the gym, but in a gymnastics setting pockets are one of the most hazardous aspects of training shorts. You can catch a finger or thumb on a pocket during pommel horse, parallel bars, or even twisting through the air.

Why a longer inseam?

It is a known fact that every gymnast thinks their competition shorts are "too short!". The short length of competition shorts provides the safest scenario for an athlete while performing gymnastics. A slightly longer inseam allows the athlete a more comfortable feel during training without taking away from the safest of their gymnastics. 

Why competition material?

After testing many different materials with GK Elite Sportswear we've decided that a stretchy, semi-loose fitting material is ideal for training. The material is already familiar to most competitive gymnasts and provides the athlete with room to move while they train. 


The shorts were created by Samuel Mikulak and Jordan Gaarenstroom, business partners at MatéBros, after experiencing the absence of high-quality gymnastics apparel.